The Nerds

Seth Paine

Seth Paine has been a programmer since he got his first computer when he was 8. It connected to his TV and saved programs onto audio cassettes. He didn't have any games for it so he learned to write programs in Basic. He is now a web developer and YouTube guy. You can watch his vlog and some other videos on Youtube. The link is below. As a Geek/Nerd, he most relates to Whovians.

Matt Swaim

Matt Swaim has done work for a number of Catholic apostolates, including EWTN, The Son Rise Morning Show, Catholic Answers, and The Coming Home Network, and his books include Prayer in the Digital Age and Catholic Puzzles, Word Games and Brainteasers Vols 1 &2. He’s always regretted that his first name doesn’t rhyme with “Legomaniac.” Don’t challenge him to a pun-off, because you will lose, my friend. You will lose hard.